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13 Nov 2022 | Domain Services

Domain Name Management is not the same as Domain Name Registration. Registration is the renewal of your domain name itself, and is an annual fee. Management of your domain name is required throughout the year, to keep your website live, your emails working and your domain verified for Google and other services. Domain management can be billed monthly or annually, and can also be bundled with a hosting plan. For best practice we only use DNSimple, our prefered provider of both services.

If you have an existing domain name but don’t know the details, do a WHOIS Search here. If you want to register a new Domain Name, you can do that here.

When it comes to managing your domain name, DNSimple makes it easy for us to collaborate. In every scenario, you always own your name online. When we need access to your domain name for tricky stuff (which, believe us, happens all the time) it’s important you work with a trusted partner who knows what they’re doing.

For larger enterprises, we do work with external IT teams. If you are a small business, these are your options.

Option 1

Update your Name Servers. Please note in this scenario you still need to pay your annual domain name renewal fees to you current provider, or (see other options to follow) you can transfer your domain names to DNSimple for safekeeping.

The DNSimple name servers are:

  • ns1.dnsimple.com
  • ns2.dnsimple.com
  • ns3.dnsimple.com
  • ns4.dnsimple.com
  • ns4.dnsimple-edge.org

Consideration will also need to be made for any existing email services, backups and SAAS products running from your domain name. You are also responsible for paying your current provider the annual fee for domain name renewal.

When changing nameservers, there is a risk of downtime to your services if not done correctly and at the right time. We charge $90.00* annual management fee per domain.

Option 2 

Let us set you up on our DNSimple account, the fully serviced option. We charge $90.00* annual fee per domain, which includes DNS management, SSL certificates, web and email forwarding and one-time domain record import and setup. To get started, complete the Domain Services Request Form.

*Prices in Australian Dollars AUD and subject to 10% GST.

Option 3 

Like above, but we connect your billing method to DNSimple with opens up market pricing in USD. You agree to pay DNSimple Domain Services direct. To get started, complete the Domain Services Request Form.

Option 4 

For holders of multiple domain names. You may want to consider the DNSimple Business Plan. You will be redirected to DNSimple and have access to market pricing in USD. If you go with this choice, please add hello@agentdigital.com.au as a User with Full Access like in the video below.

Step by Step


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