Check your Meta Business Suite for Digital Ads

9 Sep 2023 | Business Toolkit, Facebook Guides

Ready for for your Digital Ads to launch? Here are the important things you need to check for. If anything is missing, you may need to book an Onboarding Session to ensure proper access, security, and collaboration with your Meta Business Suite.

Please be sure you have downloaded and read a copy of our Pathway to Launch.

Step by Step


Here are the main points, and remember it’s a good idea to use the Google Authenticator App and force Two-factor Authentication for all Meta Account administrators.

  1. Sign In to Meta Business Suite: Go to and sign in using your business account credentials.

  2. Select the Correct Business Account: Choose the correct business account associated with your digital ad campaign.

  3. Access All Tools Menu: Look for the “All Tools” menu, usually found in the top menu bar.

  4. Access Ads Manager: From the “All Tools” menu, select “Ads Manager” to access the backend for managing your digital ads.

  5. Access Business Settings: Select “All Tools” again and then choose “Business Settings.” This is where we will confirm the various settings needed for your Business Account.

  6. Manage Permissions: Check the list of people who have full control of your Business Account. Grant the necessary permissions to individuals you work with to ensure smooth collaboration.

  7. Verify Agency Access: Confirm that both “Agent Digital” and “Digital Marketing Services” have partner access to your Business Account. This allows them to us to use our special agency tools for your campaigns.

  8. Grant Requests: Review the “Requests” tab and approve any pending requests from “Agent Digital” and “Digital Marketing Services” to access to your Facebook Page.

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