How to get started with Sendinblue

24 Jan 2021 | Automation Guides

Sendinblue is a full-featured and (much) more affordable solution to Mailchimp, particularly when you start to get large lists to manage.

Sendinblue has similar templates and drag-n-drop email builder as Mailchimp. It also has many other awesome features such as landing pages, email automation, transactional and marketing emails for woocommerce and Shopify, and even a basic CRM (Customer Relationship Manager).

If you are not already a Sendinblue customer, please make a request and as official agency partners, we’ll have them contact you to get started.

If you are already a Sendinblue customer, just let us know the email address of your account and we will have it added to our partners portal so we can work with you.

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