Generating your report

Thanks for requesting a Snapshot Report

We’re working on that right now. It can take 24-48 hours for your initial snapshot to be generated. You even may find your report changes over the next week as our smart machines gather more data on your business.

Keep an eye out for our emails over the next week and check our guide for email deliverability to make sure we land in your inbox.

You can always access your report in Business App, along with a suite of powerful applications.

Guide for email deliverability

Welcome to Agent Digital. We use email automation to help provide you with relevant information. In most cases, our systems will respond to you immediately. Sometimes you may need to wait an hour or two for our emails to arrive.

If you are still not receiving our emails, have questions or are looking for specific resources, try emailing us direct.

Not receiving our emails?

  • Check your junk folders, if you find us in there, drag us out and flag as not spam.
  • Add to your email contacts as well as your safe senders list. This will ensure you continue to receive our emails.
  • If you are using Gmail and you find our emails in the Promotions Tab or elsewhere, move them back into the Inbox and flag them as Important.