How to reconnect your Social Feed

25 Jan 2024 | WordPress Guides

For our clients with embedded social media feeds in their websites, sometimes you will need to reconnect these. This happens from time-to-time when there updates to the way Meta allows a third party (like your website) to request data from your social media profile (such as Instagram).

Typically we use the WordPress plugin Social Feed Gallery by QuadLayers. These instructions may differ if you are using a different plugin to pull in your social media feed.

The first step is to login to your WordPress website. This can usually be achieved by adding /wp-admin to the end of your website URL and following the instructions to login using your email address, or reset your password. For our clients using our all-in-one Business App platform, here’s how you can Login to WordPress using Business App. If you are unable to login to WordPress, please make a request and we will set you up and provide further instructions.

Once you have logged in, you should see the website backend, otherwise known as the WordPress Dashboard. To get started on reconnecting your social feed, click on the link to Social Feed Gallery.

From here, click on the second tab for Accounts.

Before you can reauthorise the connection with Meta, you first need to delete the existing connection. Click in the little trash can under Action to remove the previous connection.

You will see your previous account connection has now been deleted. Next, you need to reconnect, and in most cases you will do this by clicking the blue button ‘Add Business Account’. Most of our clients are using Instagram Business accounts. Occasionally it may be a Personal Account, however this is quite rare for a website integration.

At this point you may be prompted to enter your Facebook password. This is common, even if you are reconnecting Instagram, it is often linked to your Facebook account for verification purposes. Enter your Facebook password if prompted to continue.

You will next be prompted to continue as your Facebook user profile. Click Continue.

Lastly, select the Instagram Account you would like to reconnect from the list. You may need to confirm a few extra steps after this with Instagram.

You should now be returned to your WordPress Dashboard, your social account should be reconnected and the existing feed should start working again.

If you have any trouble with the process, we are happy to assist you. Please make a request and we will arrange a time to share a screen with you and help you reconnect your social account. Usually we do not have access to your social account, which is why the steps above need to be completed by yourself. Of course we are happy to guide you through the steps if you need.


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