How to sign up for SendFox

4 Jan 2021 | Automation Guides

We’re loving SendFox right now as a budget option for mass email marketing messages. If you have a large email list, you’ll find their easy one-off pricing structure to be very attractive.

SendFox can also be used for simple email automations, basic forms and subscription pages. The design is super simple, so don’t expect any fancy email templates. Instead, we recommend a simple, full width header and footer image for your emails, and also to make them conversational in style, as if they were a person email from yourself.

The best deal for SendFox is on AppSumo. Choose your one-off lifetime payment based on the size of your email list, starting at $49 for 5,000. You can always upgrade your plan as you add more contacts.

Once you have setup your new SendFox account, make a request and we’ll be happy to help you get setup for budget email marketing.

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