How do I work with you?

4 Jun 2022 | Common Questions

We recommend you take out one of our support and maintenance plans to work with us. Plans are month-to-month by direct debit. Additional hours are billed on demand. 

Work requests can be lodged online or by emailing your account manager. Once you’ve logged a request, a member of our support team will contact you (usually within 48 hours) with an estimate of costs and a timeframe for completion. As a general rule, please allow 48 hours for us to respond to any new request, 7 days for a campaign to be pre-scheduled or a website update to be made, and due to the way we batch our workflow, allow 30 day intervals for project updates, milestones and reports.

If you have never worked with us before, please first book a call so we can work out how best to assist you.

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