What are recurring services?

26 Jun 2021 | Common Questions

Recurring services are integral to maintaining the seamless functionality and optimisation of your website. These services are billed periodically, either monthly or annually, and you will receive email notifications whenever a recurring invoice is issued. To ensure transparency and address any inquiries, you can easily request a review of the costs associated with these services.

Here’s a breakdown of key recurring services that might appear on your invoice:

Support and Maintenance Plan: Monthly fee for continuous development and maintenance to keep your website up-to-date and performing optimally.

Annual Hosting Fee: Charged for hosting your WordPress website on premium platforms such as WP Engine, Google Cloud, or FlyWheel.

Domain Registration: An annual fee for registering and renewing your domain name (e.g., .com or .com.au).

Domain Name Service (DNS): Monthly or annual fees for premium DNS services from providers like Amazon, DNSimple, or Namecheap. This covers registration, delegation, and management of various services like hosting, subdomains, CRM, Google Workspace, and email forwarding.

Bulk Email Fee: Charged for the creation, design, and potentially the sending of broadcast EDM (Electronic Direct Mail). Additional fees may cover storage, updates, and maintenance of your email list data.

Plugin and Theme Subscriptions: Annual fees for premium WordPress plugins and themes. Access to bulk buying options helps manage these subscription costs.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Monthly fees for SEO services, with costs varying based on the number of keywords targeted. This may also include the creation of blog posts as per your SEO plan.

Marketing Campaign Fee: A monthly fee for managing marketing campaigns. This could be an ongoing retainer or for a set time period. Additional charges may apply based on ad spend.

API Calls: Charges per API call, such as those for Google Maps and Places or Meta Conversions API.

Understanding these recurring services provides clarity on the value and ongoing support you receive for the seamless operation and improvement of your website. If you ever have questions or need a detailed review of your costs, feel free to make a request for further information.

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